egoism ep

by lambia

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released November 13, 2016

album art by clara insta user crabman0



all rights reserved


lambia Chicago, Illinois

i'm lee i'm sad. everything is mixed and mastered by me in my basement

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Track Name: never enough
there are things that i wish i never knew
the kind that swallow the hope that you placed in the hollow of my heart
strip me of those, and i’m nothing but empty

sometimes sunlight spills into my room
and it doesn’t quite warm me (or stop me from tearing you apart)
but the rays on my skin are in the places you touched it


you can’t save me
from whatever it is you’re convinced plagues me
we are one and the same being
we are the same being

never enough
you’re never enough
there’s no need to rush when we’ll only end up alone

cause it’s all downhill from here
all white noise
all white noise and gunshots and shattering glass

i don’t blame you
for ignoring the parts that don’t entertain you
cause it’s something that we all do
it’s what we all do

am i dreaming?
it feels like i am dreaming - is this the real thing?
Track Name: urban lost and found
i sat inside an airplane bound for portland
an engine jutting out obscured the view
in my mind it stuttered and it stopped
and as we all began to drop toward the groun
i pictured breaking through to you

the air gets awfully thin atop the mountains
when it gets hard to breathe i think of us
winter nights your breath fogged up the light
the air was putrid. when the sky grew dark you said
you never thought you could adjust

how i hoped you'd stay
in time to see the dawn of a summer day
i thought your mind would change
if you saw the city in a new way

but god, the heat gets harder to handle every day
i wish i could say i'm unafraid
and that someday
i can laugh this off as another heartbreak

where am i now?
in this urban lost and found
the more i look around
the less devout i become to my hometown

and i never questioned whether it was he who knew you best
i had no regrets till i felt home in the pacific northwest
Track Name: siren song
aked as starlight and burnt as the sun
her face shines with tears and her hair is undone
her eyes roam the ocean in search of someone
a lover promised to meet her at dawn

the light hits the water, a voice from the sea
a haunting melody
crystalline caves where the tide sits neck deep
a hollowed heaven where two lovers meet

a day or so later, a body ashore
skin peeling off, urchins in her pores
sometimes it happens, the officer states
a tourist gets brave and dies in the waves